“I can honestly say “THANKS” in a big way, for taking the time out to move my father ‘again’. He only wanted you and trusts you completely. As always you come through like a champ.” – Maria Domingue

“Believe me when I say, this was the most easiest and pleasant move I have ever experienced. You took away all the frustration, worry and kept the loose ends from unravelling. Perceived problems go away when you are around. You not only do things right but more importantly, you do the right things.” – Bryce McFall

“At the end of the day, not only were the pictures hung, but my bed was made and ready for me to get a good nights sleep. Thank you.” – B.M.

“Betsy’s innate helpful ‘can do’ attitude and ability to grasp the ‘big picture’ quickly has converted a wild and wooly situation into a comfortable home. Recently, an elder client was dicharged from the hospital to a beautifully arranged apartment and is SO HAPPY.” – Patricia Sanborn, Sage Solutions Eldercare

“Mother just walked into her new ‘digs’ already settled. There was no stress for mother. We are very pleased! All for one check at a very reasonable price.” – J.M.

Betsy has assisted me with 2 moves, one being a long distance move. She helped me in all aspects of the relocation process. She respected the needs and comfort of my cat, whom I treasure. With Ms. Godin at the helm, in each move I was able to sit back and relax knowing that all was in order. – Beky Baxter